Clean your windows Matthew 5:8

A late cancellation gave me the chance to do housework I don’t usually have time for. One thing led to another and I ended up cleaning my windows. It was probably the first spring sunny day in the year and as I enjoyed the work of my hands I became aware if how dirty they were. In my defence I will to say that isn’t easy to keep basement windos clean (yes, I live in a basement).

I believe when God has something to say, he uses even windows to deliver his message. «Happy are those whose heart is pure, for they shall see God» (Mathew 5:8). My windows didn’t get dirty from one day to the other, it was a process and I allowed that to happen. Bringing the analogy to the spiritual field, I’ve missed the ability to see God’s light the way I used to. Some time ago, I was able to aknowledge God’s signature in my life easier than now. I tend to look for rational explanations, almost ignoring God’s hand in the issue. It was time to clean the windows of my heart. In the same way I can’t avoid the rain and dirt, I can’t help the harships of this life.  I’m not responsable for them, but I’m responsable to keep my heart clean inspite of the external circumstances. My job is coming to God’s word dialy so my heart shall be pure and experience true happynes by seeing God.

Purity is necesary to see God, and the result of these two is happynes. Happines is not finding human solutions to human problems, that is for those who refuse to believe in Christ. Happines is seeing God in the sunlight or the rain, taking care of insignificant details or at the crossroads of life.

When was the last time you saw God? (Charles Surgeon, A passion for Holyness)

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