A necessary explanation

Sometimes everything is so clear in my mind that I think it’s just as clear to everyone. I know what you’re thinking, …how can she be a teacher? It must be one of the many mysteries of life.

I continue to work as an «independent» teacher. Independent means I work in 4 language schools. I guess I’d rather starve to death than get 8 hours in an office. To defeat or to die, I suppose…(referenceto the Guatemalan national Anthem).

The only thing that has changed is that I accepted the position of «Head Trainer» (position I applied for informally a couple of years ago, and was informally turned down). It’s a temporary position, the conditions of the contract are the same, it’s an hourly contract, that is, I don’t have a guaranteed salary, but I accepted because I thought it was interesting. With more than 5,000 hours of class behind me, I think I’ve learned to do my job and maybe someone can benefit from that experience. I also accepted because mentoring will allow me to learn from my colleagues. And who knows if this door will lead to another.
A couple of years ago I was in a position to say when I wanted to work, but I lost that privilege last year and had to accept everything, sacrificing something very dear to me: Tuesday morning Bible studies. Today, thanks to those extra weekly hours reading cvs and student complaints, I have been able to return. How I missed being there!

I have always believed firmly in God’s sovereignty. I know this stage is preparation for something else. In the meantime, let’s dig in the book of James.

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