A letter to the CEO and The Board.

pensamos, existimos ergo blogueamos

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t read this.  I’ve never worked 8 hours in an office and my idea of wealth is going to a restaurant and not worring about the bill. I don’t have a fancy life, but I know something you don’t: your employees. I’m the girl coming to your company every week to improve the English skills of your workers; the one with a backpack and jeans you probably haven’t noticed. I’m the one who gets gifts from your people, the one who’s served coffee.

This is the whole section about, things I’ve learnt in your company from your people.

True character cannot be summarized in a CV.  Degrees and titles could be misleading and  you might miss true potential.  Getting to know people takes time and efford but it’s so worthy, and who knows, the future of your company might depend on them.  There are…

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