AI vs. humans, when creation and creator share communication skills.

I have to say that I wasn’t dying to attend a talk on AI. I’m a late adopter, I don’t like the idea of not knowing anyone more experienced than me. But it was suggested from my boss so I attended. Here’s my takeaway.

Apparently, one of the features that aroused awareness on the topic is the ability AI has to «master» language. Our creation is now creating content. Our creation learns faster than us. While humans need years of practice to master storytelling abilities, a famous chat does «the same» in seconds, so I’ve heard.

I need to go back in time. Thinking on a more historical perspective, great leaders are those who master communication, both verbal and nonverbal. Being able to inspire, communicate concepts, ideas, and ideals, or simply having something to say about anything, is a source of power. Until now, information was power, but information is a click away! Available everywhere to everyone! Is not anymore about knowing, but on how we deliver that information to an audience. Instagram made clear how powerful images are, no need of complex, thoughtful sentences any more, pictures attract millions. And now a non-human creator of stories, a software replicates our ability to tell and connect through stories.

I need to go back in time again. From a theological perspective, when the Creator gave language to his creation. Before there’s an audience to listen, Creator is speaking, sharing plans, expressing joy for the work done, giving instructions. Prometeus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. Both humans and Prometeus suffer punishment for that. Humans were not supposed to have that much power. The Christian God, on the contrary, gives language and freedom. He gave power to humans. As the story unfolds, language is used to deceit and lie. Creatures to creatures, creatures to Creator, and here we are, trying to ban our creation because it can lead to cheat and half-truths.

I feel hopeful, though. Nothing is truly new under the sun. Critical thinking and soft skills are more necessary than ever. Maybe is time to talk about consequences, every action has consequences short, mid and long term. Is time to teach our young ones that they do have power to do right or harm. While listening to the speakers, I couldn’t help to think that we need to bring back (among other things) philosophy to our schools. Critical thinking before words come out of the tip of our fingers. Emotional intelligence to love our neighbours the way we want to be loved.

In the beginning was the word… and He saw it was good. A pity we can’t say the same about our achievements.